Comments On Eversource YOP
to MDAR, Pesticide Bureau and POCCA
Due June 3 by 5 pm.

The comment period is over.
Thanks goes out to everyone involved!
There is something to power in numbers, right?
We will soon see….

What’s next you ask?  MDAR will give their response, to either approve the  YOP 2016 per usual, or will they listen to Cape Selectmen, citizens and state representatives and not allow Eversource to spray 8 Cape towns this year?

IF MDAR does approve YOP 2016, we have been working on our ‘next step’  ~
Going to town Selectmen boards to have them request a hearing with MDAR.  # 6 Cape towns are aware and willing to do that, at this point!

I wish to thank each person who has helped write letters, make phone calls, and even sit through meetings to help this mission.  It is an experience where I learn something new each day and thanks to our community coming together, we will make a difference, I am determined!

Here’s to our drinking water on Cape Cod.
Laura Kelley
POCCA Cape Cod

Email michael.mcclean@state.ma.us

Your town’s comments must be received by MDAR and POCCA by June 3.
Please send them by certified mail, return receipt requested to:  

1)  Michael McClean, Director of Rights-of-Way Programs
Massachusetts State Pesticide Bureau
251 Causeway Street, Suite 500 Boston, MA 02114-2151.

2)  William Hayes, Senior Transmission Arborist
Eversource Corporation Planning Scheduling and Contract Services Department
One NSTAR Way, SE-370 Westwood, MA.
If emailing, Please also cc:
State Senator Daniel Wolf = daniel.wolf@masenate.gov
State Rep. Sarah Peake = sarah.peake@mahouse.gov
State Rep. Timothy Whalen = Timothy.Whelan@mahouse.gov
State Rep. Brian Mannal = brian.mannal@mahouse.gov
State Rep. Timothy Madden = timothy.madden@mahouse.gov
State Rep. Randy Hunt = randy.hunt@mahouse.gov
Governor Charles Baker = http://www.charliebakerma.com/
POCCA Cape Cod = poccacapecod@gmail.com

POCCA was founded in July 2013 in response to growing concerns about water quality on Cape Cod. The Cape Cod Commission’s Regional Wastewater Management Plan points out that all the towns of Cape Cod share a water table, and many of the Cape’s watersheds straddle more than one town. In other words, waste-water and drinking water problems are a Cape-wide issue, not an issue each town can solve on its own. Several local towns experienced voter rejection of well-planned water infrastructure projects which were deemed unaffordable at the municipal level. We have to work together on a regional level to solve these problems.
POCCA was formed to help disseminate information and help educate the public about the growing problems and possible solutions regarding water management, as well as lobby for tighter controls over pesticide, herbicide and fertilizer use on Cape Cod.

POCCA’S most pressing issue is to prevent EVERSOURCE from spraying herbicidal applications on Cape Cod’s power lines. To see how you can help, please visit the POCCA EVERSOURCE page.

NStar notice proof2015rightofwaynotice
Our Unique Landscape
Cape Cod’s landscape is unique—a fragile sandbar jutting far out to sea, surrounded by salt water and with an abundance of ponds, estuaries and bays but no major rivers or reservoirs. Our water is drawn from one source—from the ground, from the single aquifer that we all share. Each town on the Cape—even Provincetown, which has no potable water of its own and get its water from Truro—pumps its water from the ground. So no town is immune to potential water contamination.
The Cape Cod Commission’s Regional Wastewater Management Plan http://www.capecodcommission.org features maps showing the cross-boundary watersheds, as well as the degree of concern for each of the 14 towns on the Cape. As one would expect, there is greater concern in the Upper Cape, in the built-up areas of Falmouth and Hyannis, than in the Outer Cape towns where much of the land is protected by the Cape Cod National Seashore.

Let’s do all we can to protect Cape Cod’s drinking water!

Natural step forward
for Provincetown municipal lawns—
Provincetown hires a Non-Toxic Consultant.
   POCCA encourages all other Cape towns to adopt the same practices as Provincetown.
Click here to read the full article…

Letters to Cape newspapers from concerned and informed citizens:
   “Pouring multiple poisons into the single-source aquifer from which we all drink our water is insanity!”
    — Brian O’Malley, M.D., Provincetown
Dr. Brian O’Malley, a doctor in Provincetown, wrote to the editor of the Times last week:
“I write to go on record as a year-round resident of Barnstable County, opposed to NStar’s proposed use of    herbicides to maintain its power line rights of way. I speak with the experience of 35 years’ practice in primary    care internal medicine in Provincetown, 11 years’ involvement as a director of Cape Cod Healthcare, and three    years as a current member of its Community Health Committee. Water is the basis of all life. The search for life    on Mars is focused on evidence of water. The physiology — the functioning — of all living cells is built around    water. Pouring multiple poisons into the single-source aquifer from which we all drink our water is insanity! This    was the unambiguous message from the votes of every one of the 15 town meetings on the Cape this year. Find    another solution to the weeds along the power lines.”
   “NStar(EVERSOURCE) wants to put this herbicide in our drinking water.
When citizens do their homework, research the latest data, and no one pays attention, it’s a sad, sad day.”

      — Alexandra Grabbe, Wellfleet
Read full letter in the Cape Cod Times HERE

Our Current Concern:
EVERSOURCE’S Planned Herbicidal Applications

Our most pressing concern is that the Cape Cod’s utility company EVERSOURCE (NSTAR) has recently announced plans to commence using toxic herbicides on land beneath power lines.
They should cut and mow the vegetation as they have done in the past, as this means that a swath of land 150 miles long and 200 feet wide—more than 5 square miles of our land—can potentially be poisoned when there are safe alternatives.
    We have launched this campaign to convince EVERSOURCE to rethink their plan and to become a leader in protecting the environment. http://www.nstar.com/about_nstar/sustainability/


If you would like to support POCCA, you may donate HERE:
donate button
to help us with the costs of paying for signs and other expenses, including maintaining this website and all paper work costs: fliers, brochures, rack cards, business cards, posters, paper & ink. All labor on behalf of POCCA is volunteer, we are only seeking to cover out-of-pocket expenses.


With your help, we will be able to preserve and protect
this beautiful place that we all love, Cape Cod.

Laura Kelley

7 thoughts on “

  1. I don’t understand why Nstar refuses to cooperate and insists on poisoning our environment. Obviously the solution is cheaper for them at our expense. Shame on them!

    • NSTAR cares little about the environment. Obvious, isn’t it? They serve their bottom line, their stockholders’ . It is the stockholders who should be concerned about the declining state of their conscience, particularly as it implicates their children and grandchildren fighting the cancer that comes from their current greed-fest.

  2. Why would NStar insist on spraying poison, and causing such irreversible environmental damage to Cape Cod’s precious water supply?
    My guess would be money–
    They obviously get paid for such a contract-
    Either way, they need to be stopped, & we ALL must support this cause-
    This is our drinking water-
    Please help in stopping NStar-
    How can we help?!

  3. Since glyphosate (Roundup) is demontrably carcinogenic to mice and rats, and is banned in European countries, why can’t a class action suit be filed against Eversource for using it where it can drain into Cape Cod’s sole-source aquifer?

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