Resolution 16-XX on Power Line Right-of-Way Maintenance

Message from POCCA Director Laura Kelley

Today (5/18/16) at the Assembly of Delegates on the agenda was a letter Brain O’Malley wrote requesting the Assembly write Governor Baker to stop herbicides by Eversource on Cape Cod.  See the document below.  I was present and spoke in support of it, there was opposition from a few of the assembly members which make’s me wonder, who are they really representing?  since all 15 Cape town selectmen boards wrote against this 2 years in a row, why would 4 town delegates vote against our request?   does something smell fishy here…

Tomorrow (5/19/16) Rep. Sarah Peake will be visiting in Harwich for another meeting I’m on, PLAC, where we are trying to close Pilgrim Nuke now.  Senator Dan Wolf wrote a bill #S.478 that is in ways and means now and I hope to ask what we can do to help it move forward since she is a co-signer of it!  It is up in July I believe and is the answer to stopping more herbicides along power lines on Cape Cod.

And, I’d like to share with you that Brian Mannal has #22 House Bills and one of them is:  #H717 that deals with eliminating Glyphosate on Cape Cod!

Whereas, the governing body of every Barnstable County town has voted repeatedly, to petition the Governor and the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources (MDAR) to deny all Vegetation Management Plans (VMPs) and Yearly Operating Permits (YOPs) for Eversource/ formerly NSTAR which include the use of herbicides to maintain power line rights-of-way on public and others’ private land; and,

Whereas these petitions to challenge the applicability of existing MDR Regulations to the distinctive hydrology of Cape Cod have regularly been peremptorily denied; and,

Whereas the sole-source aquifer just beneath our sandy soil is the only fresh water available to residents of and visitors to Cape Cod for all our needs; preserving its quality from contamination is a vital concern; and,

Whereas the Preamble to our Barnstable County Home Rule Charter states that the defined purpose of our regional government is “ …to deal with regional issues which transcend the existing boundaries of municipal governments;”

Therefore, as the Towns acting individually have been unable to secure relief from the permitted chemical trespass within their boundaries and above their groundwater;

Now, the Regional Government of Barnstable County Resolves to call upon Governor Charles Baker, by delivering a copy of this Resolution, to cause MDAR to deny any power line vegetation management plan within Barnstable County, which includes the application of herbicides including glyphosate and its adjuvants, and similar others.

Copies of this Resolution shall be also delivered to both State Senators, and all Representatives for Barnstable County to the General Court.

Proposed April 20, 2016

Brian O’Malley
Provincetown Delegate