Letter from Patricia Tun, Nov. 21, 2013

NSTAR- Blatant Disrespect

NSTAR has shown blatant disregard for the express wishes of Cape Codders by insisting on spraying toxic herbicides, in spite of the written request of most of the towns to use alternative methods such as mowing. This is a blatant display of corporate arrogance – they can do this in our backyards, and so they will, in spite of the wishes of the people who live on Cape Cod.

NSTAR’s argument that this program of spraying is safe is suspect for at least three important reasons.

1) SPRAYS ARE NOT SAFE IN WATER. The herbicides used, including Roundup, are not safe in water and have been associated with health problems. We are concerned that these chemicals will leach through the sand into the aquifer, which is our only source of water on the Cape.

2) TIME HAS SHOWN THAT MANY APPROVED “SAFE” SUBSTANCES ARE HARMFUL. Many of us can remember the tragic consequences of drugs and chemicals that were approved as safe. These include babies deformed by thalidomide, cancer in women whose mothers used DES, and lung cancers in thousands of people who smoked cigarettes, although the tobacco industry lobbied for decades to persuade us that there was no connection. Because we are dependent on our aquifer for pure water we cannot afford to discover health problems in years to come.

3) THERE ARE PROVEN, NON-TOXIC ALTERNATIVES. The program of mowing is non-toxic, safer for our fragile environment, and preferred by cape towns.

Please speak up against corporate arrogance and greed by letting NSTAR know that they do not have the right to exploit Cape Cod – poisoning our soil and water will not be tolerated.  Check poccacapecod.org for email addresses to express your opinion.


Patricia Tun

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