Pocca is happily involved in helping our community come together by working closely with other organizations for the betterment of Cape Cod.  
There are local meetings going on that need our current attention:

1. Cape Downwinders. Cape Downwinders is an organization that meets regularly to discuss and take action to SHUT DOWN PILGRIM NUCLEAR POWER PLANT in Plymouth, Mass.  There is no safe level of radiation. There is no escape from Cape Cod, bridges will be closed.  Currently Pilgrim Nuke is leaking Tritium into Cape Cod Bay.  We are doing all we can to educate what is going on and pushing regulations to shut down Pilgrim!  Senator Dan Wolf says it was built to last 40 years so there is no reason why it should be in operation for another 20 years.  It’s an antique and keeps breaking down.  It is unsafe and needs to be closed immediately.

2. Waste Water Stakeholders.  The Cape Cod Commission is hosting meetings for stakeholders to educate and listen to potential solutions.  Cape Cod has a high level of Nitrogen due to our waste and it must be reduced. There are many possibilities but what will be successful on Cape Cod?  Very interesting ‘think tank’ meetings on this issue. 

3. Cape Cod Commission. POCCA is a stakeholder for 3 Cape Cod Commission meetings, Provincetown/Truro and Wellfleet/Eastham and BaySide at Barnstable court house.

4. Barnstable County BeeKeepers Association.  Honeybees are the canaries in the coal mine, they are the link to growing food.  Honeybees are the most aggressive pollinators on Earth.  Without them it is predicted humans have 5 years to live.  BCBA meets once a month for 2 hours and we learn how to build Bee hives and how to care for them.  The greatest challenge we face on Cape Cod is their survival throughout the Winter here.  The Queen must be kept at 90 degrees at all times.  Most worker bees live for 2 weeks in the Summertime and need to live up to 4 months in the Winter. Honeybees have kept vegetation alive for centuries.  Due to the Colony Collapse Disorder in 2007 there has been a threatening decline in Honeybees world-wide.  Humans are impacting the Earth with too much chemicals and toxins.  Honeybees are uncomfortable and dying at large rates.  This threatens the food we eat, without enough pollination there won’t be enough food for the human population.  It is up to us to be as non-toxic as possible every given day and plant anything that flowers to help feed Honeybees.

5. No to Lowes in Dennis.  Another huge organization, Lowes, is pushing to build off of Route 134 in Dennis.  Locals are more than unhappy concerned about loosing more than character from the town but fearful of mom & pop shops closing.  Unfortunately Lowes will offer only 115 jobs, 95 part time at minimum wage.  They are paying the town of Dennis a huge amount of money because Lowes will not make the environmental rules of the town. This is very concerning.  The location is close to Bass River and their waste will travel into it.  This is not ok.  No to Lowes in Dennis!

6. Massachusetts Label GMO’s.  Connecticut and New Hampshire have voted to label GMO’s.  It is up to another state that touches CT in order for those states to be allowed to pass this.  So if MASS passes gmo labeling then CT & NH can legally label GMO’s.  We have been educating Ma state reps and they are aware of the importance.  It is up to us to continue to pressure them in the right direction.  Please write our state reps and request they pass labeling law as soon as possible.
Massachusetts Right to Know GMOs – on FaceBook, ‘like’ them!!!

7. March Against Monsanto. Organized marches and protests are being held in cities across the US and in 52 countries, and it is estimated that two million people took part world-wide on Saturday May 25, 2013. On October 12, 2013 another World-Wide March Against Monsanto will take place.

Photos from the Boston March Against Monsanto: Click on photos to see at full size

At the State House

At the State House

Laura Kelley Being Interviewed by the Press

Laura Kelley Being Interviewed by the Press

The Boston March Against Monsanto

The Boston March Against Monsanto


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