About Natalia von Hausen

Natalia von Hausen, VP

Natalia has an extensive background in environmental science, urban design, engineering software, community development/outreach, and being a citizen across the globe. Implementing her area of expertise from both UMASS Amherst and from studying abroad in Brazil, she is back to her roots on the Cape to help develop the renewable energy dynamic, community outreach, environmental activism, and healthy living for residents of Cape Cod. She also has had many years of marketing, public relations, advertising and social media.

Natalia is the Director of Communications at Clean Energy Design, LLC, a renewable energy company specializing in solar photovoltaic, solar thermal, and small wind energy projects that assist residences and businesses to completely get off the grid. She is responsible on maintaining customer relations, marketing on social medias platforms, producing engineering drawings, and monitoring the systems.

Natalia is also the Communications and Marketing Director of Cape Cod Green Drinks, a local chapter of an international non-profit organization whose goal is to create a network for students, professionals, politicians, activists, etc., that share an interest and concern for sustainability and environmental issues. The goal is to spotlight different businesses and individuals who are pioneering or continuing their efforts within the sustainability field by providing them a platform to reach out to the community.

Now as part of the POCCA team, she is continuing the dedicated efforts of POCCA by continuing its growth throughout the cape by informing and networking with interdisciplinary professionals from different fields. Natalia is the newest of water protectors for the Protect Our Cape Cod Aquifer team.