Environmental Awareness

Have You Heard of Non-Point Source Pollution(NPS)?

~Fresh & Salt~

It’s up to us to protect our surrounding waters from unnecessary contamination by educating neighbors and loved ones how they can lessen their impact on Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard.

Have you heard of non-point source pollution (NPS)?

Non-target poisoning can happen without even realizing it’s going on.  This is the next challenge for improved water quality.  This is not someone else’s problem, it affects each of us.

With fertilizer use, pesticide use, cleaning boats, not recycling properly, pharmaceuticals dumped down drains, toxic make-up, soaps or shampoo use.

These have a negative impact on the water we drink and the waters we consume fish and oysters from.

We need to lessen our impact every day.
We are affecting the oysters we eat every time we use fertilizers.
Use compost without animal waste to lessen the amount of nitrogen & phosphorus
getting into our fresh and salt waters!


It starts with what YOU decide to buy.  Be mindful of where you shop and what you allow onto your body, into your home and on your land.  Buying local helps next generations survive here better.


The POCCA team invites you to a WATER CELEBRATION at Hog Island Brewery in Orleans on May 11th from 4pm to 9pm ~

 Join Us!

This celebration will be full of dance music by The Dirty Water Dance Band, as well as,  information with simple, cost effective products we use every day that the POCCA team suggests to use instead of things that harm our natural resources around us.

~ What kinds of fertilizers can we use above our aquifer that won’t harm anything in nature?
~ What toothpaste should I use?
~ What soaps and laundry detergent won’t kill worms?
~ Where do I get non-toxic make up?
~ How can I recycle 100%?

Propose a question to us, we have non-toxic remedies that actually work instead.
Whether inside or outside of your body or home, there is a natural way!

We are fortunate to be on Cape Cod and above the water we drink.  

Do you realize there are 996 ponds throughout Cape Cod?
Do you realize there are 6 lenses we consume water from?
Do you realize neighboring towns can affect drinkable waters?

Our POCCA Team believes we have a greater responsibility above our aquifer.

~ It’s time to CELEBRATE FRESH & SALT WATERS on Cape Cod ~

Pass this email onto your circles of friends ~
Do you drink Cape Cod water?  Do you shower in Cape Cod water?

We are all in this together!
We can do more unified :)

Join the mission:  http://www.poccacapecod.org 
THANK YOU for caring!

POCCA President, Laura Kelley ~ 774.353.6511
POCCA Vice Pres., Natalia von Hausen


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