Environmental Awareness

POCCA is Meeting with Selectmen Cape-wide

The POCCA team looks forward to working with town Selectmen to create a no-spray agreement for Eversource that the state, MDAR, agrees with.



The POCCA team is working hard to preserve our most precious natural resource here.
We need all the help we can to continue our educational efforts for our community.
Our utmost gratitude goes out to all who have donated to our mission.
We seek financial assistance for fliers, pamphlets, maps to show selectmen, presentations, paperwork for students, and documents to share with the public at meetings.


Happy Earth Month Cape citizens and beyond ~

~ NOW is your chance to help protect drinking water this way ~
Join selectmen’s meetings this week and prove you care.

POCCA has given a presentation to selectmen in Chatham, Mashpee, and Bourne recently and they ALL are asking good questions and moving forward with our 2 requests. The POCCA team will see them all again within a month to hopefully get them on board 100%.  They all understand the importance and are doing what they can to learn more about the only next viable move to take in this important matter.  Please thank them for getting involved more deeply.


POCCA is requesting a no-chemical spray agreement plan for vegetation management along power lines throughout Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard to local selectmen.  

Upcoming meetings we invite you to attend (click on the links below):

Falmouth Board of Selectmen Meeting on May 1st, 2017 at 7PM
59 Town Hall Square, Falmouth, MA 02540

Yarmouth Board of Selectmen Meeting May 2nd, 2017 at 7PM
1146 Route 28, South Yarmouth, MA 02664

Barnstable Democratic Town Committee Meeting on May 3rd, 2017 at 7PM
276 North Street, Hyannis, MA 02601


Residents of Falmouth & Yarmouth please be present at your Board of Selectmen’s meetings this week to show support to protect your drinking water this way. 

Note:  If you wish to speak to selectmen, please arrive a few minutes prior to the beginning of your town selectmen’s meeting and sign a sheet to speak for two minutes.
It is on TV and shown often.  Come support our mission.  Thank you!

It is up to us to stand up
for what we believe in,
we can do this better together.

Dennis Natural Heritage Day, April 29th 10AM-2PM
Come visit POCCA table tomorrow and get more information on our efforts and get a free sticker for your car, reusable water bottle or computer!





If you can’t print this out, feel free to REPLY and we will send you copies of these pamphlets and then YOU can reach out to your abutters! 
REMEMBER: It must be one of the TEN towns
that are listed on the back side of the pamphlet.

The POCCA team believes, water testing is not worth waiting for:

The line of reasoning that says Eversource should only be stopped from spraying herbicides if they are detected in our aquifer is flawed thinking.  It is known from many scientific studies that glyphosate, as well as other herbicides, have toxicity for human health as well as the natural environment.  It is also known that once they get into the water supply, they are difficult if not impossible to remove.  Once these toxins are detected in our water, the damage is done and it may be impossible to remove them.

A good analogy would be telling a smoker that he doesn’t have to stop smoking  until lung cancer shows up on his chest x-ray.  The dangers of smoking have been clearly demonstrated.  Once lung cancer is detected, it is difficult if not impossible to cure.  Waiting to stop smoking until a person has lung cancer makes no sense.  It’s too late at that point.  Waiting to stop spraying toxic herbicides above our aquifer until they are found in the water makes no sense either.  It will be too late at that point also.

Do you drink water on Cape Cod or MV?
~ the time to protect our waters is now ~


Please resend this email to your circle of friends and all who love cape cod.
The more who understand the importance of our mission the better chance we have of protecting our most precious natural resource.
Drinking water is important!

You matter, your choices matter.

Thank you for caring!
Lets all celebrate the beauty that exists!
Bring a friend and come dance in the name of our water
at the Hog Island Brewery on May 11th from 4-9PM!

All The Growing Best,
Laura Kelley, President POCCA Cape Cod
Natalia von Hausen, Vice President POCCA Cape Cod  



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