Environmental Awareness

Happy Earth Day Weekend

Happy Earth Day Weekend!
Its time to celebrate our home, the Earth!

        April 23th, 2017
What are you doing to lessen your impact on our Mother Earth?

We have two homes to protect: our planet Earth and our bodies.

Dedicate yourself to more strict habits to protect her by:
~ recycle 100% of everything you purchase
~ purchase all your food from local farmers at farmers markets
~ do not purchase any man-made fertilizers for your land
~ do not purchase any toxic products for inside your home or body
~ You vote when you spend any money ~
~ You have a choice ~
Earth thanks you when you buy without man-made toxins or chemicals
Please get involved with our amazing community by:
~ Joining POCCA’s mission to protect natural resources on Cape Cod and MV
~ Volunteer an hour a week of your time to knock on doors of abutters to power lines and give them the ‘shout out to abutters’ pamphlet (PDF ready to print provided below)
~ Print it out for yourself or reply back and i’ll get you as many as you wish.
NOTE: POCCA’s goal is to get 10 easements from the 10 towns on the YOP 2017.
We need the help of Cape residents to accomplish this goal, thank you for helping.
Abutter’s Pamphlet READY to Print! (https://gallery.mailchimp.com/461d3a14deb5927bcdab2c968/files/d067ad21-7675-4767-877b-8a66e6c74a9a/Abutter_Shoutout_3_.pdf)
Help Protect our Cape Cod Aquifer, now is the time to get involved! Cape Cod needs you now. Thank you for sharing this with your neighbors and beyond.
POCCA is on multiple selectmen’s agendas across the cape!
Please join us at our upcoming selectmen’s meetings in the towns listed below,

Monday, April 24th – Mashpee Board of Selectmen’s meeting at 6:30pm
POCCA is on the agenda with 2 requests for selectmen**
Tuesday, April 25th – Bourne Board of Selectmen’s meeting at 7pm
POCCA is on the agenda with 2 requests for selectmen**
We invite residents of Mashpee and Bourne to these meetings to further support our efforts! Having citizens represent is helpful to our two requests.
**POCCA’s requests to the towns:
1 – Write a letter of disappointment to MDAR after they approve the Yearly Operational Plan (YOP) 2017 that allows 5 different herbicides to be used for vegetation management along power lines (ROW).
2 – Join the towns from last year: Brewster, Orleans, Eastham, Dennis in taking the next step by writing a letter to MDAR requesting to be included in the adjudicatory hearing this year prior to any spraying by Eversource.
NOTE: At the beginning of each selectmen’s meeting they will ask if anyone from the audience wishes to speak, please be on time. Please give your name and fact that you support all efforts toward lessening the amount of chemicals used above our aquifer, state you support POCCA’s requests and you wish for the selectmen to vote YES for them today and of course add your own reasons if you wish. This is most helpful to us all!
Our mission was on the front page of the Cape Cod Times Wednesday April 23rd:
A Charged Environment (http://www.capecodtimes.com/opinion/20170423/charged-environment)
Do you drink water on Cape Cod or MV?
~ the time to protect our waters is now ~
THANK YOU for standing up for our Earths most precious natural resource, our drinking water by sending this to your circles of friends and loved ones. The POCCA team is doing all we can to help our aquifer, but it will take a community.
You matter, your choices matter.

Thank you for caring!
Lets all celebrate the beauty that exists!
Come dance in the name our water the Hog Island Brewery on May 11th from 4-9PM!

All The Growing Best,
Laura Kelley, President POCCA Cape Cod

Natalia von Hausen, Vice President POCCA Cape Cod


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